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Flashcards are the heart of RemNote, helping you to build deep understanding and remember anything forever with minimal effort.


RemNote shows you flashcards at optimal times to boost your learning.

Understanding Spaced RepetitionLearn the theory behind spaced repetition: how can it be so easy to remember anything for as long as you want?
Getting Started with Spaced RepetitionWhat is spaced repetition and how does it work in RemNote?
Preparing for an ExamHave an exam coming up? We got you – tell us when it is and plan your study schedule, and we'll make sure you learn everything.
Understanding the Exam SchedulerWhat's different about studying for an exam than studying for the long term, and how does RemNote account for that?
The Anki SM-2 Spaced Repetition AlgorithmCustomize your flashcard scheduling using this simple but powerful algorithm.
The FSRS Spaced Repetition AlgorithmFSRS is a newer, more complex scheduling algorithm that can improve your study efficiency significantly.
Resetting Flashcard SchedulingSometimes you may need to start a flashcard's scheduling history over from the beginning.
Custom SchedulersAdjust the schedule on which your flashcards become due for practice with custom schedulers.
RemNote vs. Anki, SuperMemo, and Other Spaced-Repetition ToolsHow does RemNote compare to other spaced-repetition learning tools?
Can I pause the flashcards scheduler?RemNote doesn't offer an option to delay your flashcard practice until a more convenient time; here's why and what you can do instead.
How does RemNote decide what flashcards are part of a document?Learn how the queue that appears when practicing a specific document chooses flashcards.