Typing In Answers

For certain types of flashcards, it may be helpful to type in your answer and have RemNote check it against the back of the card.

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By default, RemNote doesn't check your answers for you when you're practicing flashcards – you simply think about the correct answer, flip the card over, and rate yourself. For most types of flashcards, this is fast and convenient. But for some types of flashcards, this may strain your short-term memory or make it hard to honestly evaluate how you did – for instance, on foreign-language flashcards where you want to check your spelling, snippets of punctuation-heavy computer code, or complicated mathematical formulas.

For these situations, RemNote offers a type answer option, which presents a text box on the front side of the card which you can type into. When you press Enter or click the Answer button, your answer will be compared to the actual answer on the back side of the card, and the Forgot or Recalled with effort option will be selected, depending on whether your answer matched or not, so you can simply press Enter to proceed. (You can still choose a different answer button if you prefer.)

Setting up Type Answer

You can enable typing in the answer for selected flashcards by applying the Type in Answer power-up (/tia) to a Rem. Any flashcards generated by that Rem or any of its descendants will have a type-answer text box on them.

Note that type-answer text boxes will not appear in the flashcard preview (when clicking on the arrow). You need to actually practice the card in the flashcard queue to see it.

Typing in math

For LaTeX equations, you can type your answer as LaTeX source and it will be compared to the source of the equation (but the equation will still be displayed on the card in rendered form).

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