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Extra Card Detail Power-Up

You can add supplementary information to the back of your flashcards using the Extra Card Detail power-up.

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Sometimes you might want to display extra information on the back side of a flashcard. For instance:

  • Additional context or examples that clarify why the content is important.

  • Non-essential facts or trivia that make your study experience more enjoyable and help make the idea more salient so you can remember it better.

  • References to related material you can review if you’ve forgotten the information on the flashcard.

  • A reminder of a common misconception or a way you might misinterpret the answer.

  • Synonyms or translations of a term or idea.

You can use the Extra Card Detail (ECD) power-up to show such extra information. When you apply this power-up to one or more children of a Rem that generates flashcards, the children appear on the back of the flashcard.

ECD is a RemNote Pro feature.

Adding the Extra Card Detail power-up

To apply the power-up, type /extra or /ecd.

Here's what it looks like when you study:

Cautions and best practices

Extra Card Detail Rems shouldn’t contain information you actually want to test yourself on when you practice the flashcard; such information should either be placed directly on the back of the card, or, in many cases, on a separate card entirely. Rather, they should contain extra, non-essential context that supplements your understanding once you’ve already answered the card.

Extra Card Detail Rems should also not be overused. Flashcards should be concise for best results; when your cards get too long, they become slow and frustrating to review. And if you find yourself using Extra Card Detail very frequently, it may be a sign that you’re writing poorly phrased flashcards or overly complex flashcards, or that you don’t have a clear understanding of exactly what information you want to learn or how you should break it down.

This said, there are many situations where ECD makes cards better! The best way to find out how it can serve you is to try it out and pay careful attention to how you feel when practicing these flashcards and how well you learn their content.

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