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The Flashcard Home is a central location designed to help you understand your learning progress and prioritize your studies. You can get to it by clicking Flashcards in the left sidebar.

Summary section

At the top you’ll see some statistics summarizing how your studies are going this week:

To jump into the global flashcards queue and start studying everything that’s currently due in all topics, click the Practice Today’s Cards button. If you want to practice all of today’s cards more quickly, you can also click on the number of due cards in the sidebar, rather than the main Flashcards entry:

On the left (refer to screenshot above), you’ll see a graph of how many cards you’ve studied each day this week. Days on which you practiced an above-average number of cards are shown in dark blue, and days on which you practiced a below-average number of cards are shown in pale blue. The fire icon indicates you met your daily learning goal on that day.

On the right, you’ll see the total amount of time and cards you’ve studied during the week, as well as what answer choices you’ve used on those cards.

At the bottom, you’ll see your learning goal and streak; you can adjust your learning goal by clicking on Today’s Goal, and view your streak statistics by clicking on Current Streak.

If you click on the Flashcards drop-down menu at the top, you can quickly change your flashcard settings, view more statistics (this is the same as clicking on Current Streak, as discussed above), or change your learning goal (this is the same as clicking on Today’s Goal, as discussed above).

Jump Back In section

The next section allows you to start studying documents that you’ve given a priority. They’ll be ordered with the most recently studied items on the left.

Documents section

The final section shows all of your documents, sorted by priority, and with subdocuments shown if you click the small gray arrow to its right.

You can change the priority of any document by clicking the priority icon to its left, or start practicing or configure it using the Practice button and the drop-down to the right. In the middle is a summary of how many cards are currently in the document and how well you know them; hover over each colored bar to see an explanation of that learning state.

You can click the Add Document button in the upper-right to prioritize a document that’s currently in the No Priority state.

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