Edit Later Power-Up

You can mark Rem that you need to correct or improve with the Edit Later power-up, either while practicing flashcards or while editing.

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Writing good flashcards is an art, and even the most experienced users don't always create perfect flashcards the first time! So when practicing your flashcards, you'll often find that you want to make edits to them. If you merely want to correct a typo, selecting the edit option and fixing it immediately works well, but if you need to make more extensive changes, fixing it while practicing can break your concentration and flow, especially if you're working on a mobile device. In such situations, RemNote allows you to instead mark a card as Edit Later to remind yourself to come back and correct it at a more convenient time.

Marking Rem as Edit Later

You can mark a Rem as Edit Later either while practicing it as a flashcard (the most common case) or in the editor.

  • While practicing in the flashcard queue: Press the pencil icon and choose Tag as edit later, or press A.

    • If you choose the normal edit option and then realize your edit is too complex to handle immediately, you can also use the Mark as Edit Later button at the bottom of the page.

  • In the editor: Type /edit or press Ctrl+Alt+A (Cmd+Opt+A on a Mac).

The Edit Later Queue

When you mark a card as Edit Later, it appears in the Edit Later Queue in your sidebar (note that Edit Later doesn't appear in the sidebar if there aren't currently any cards marked as Edit Later).

Cards that are currently marked as Edit Later don't appear when practicing flashcards, since it's assumed that you needed to fix something about that card before spending any more time learning it. As soon as you mark a card as fixed from the Edit Later Queue, it will resume its normal schedule.

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