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New To RemNote?

Just starting to look at RemNote and not sure what to do first? Start here.

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Flashcards are the heart of RemNote, helping you to build deep understanding and remember anything forever with minimal effort.

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Getting Around

RemNote offers a variety of powerful ways to efficiently search and move around your knowledge base.

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Linking Ideas

To fully understand and organize what you learn, it's helpful to connect related ideas to each other and reuse them in new contexts.

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Structuring Content

When links aren't enough, RemNote lets you structure your notes more formally with hierarchies, templates, the Concept/Descriptor Framework, and more.

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All content in RemNote, including notes and flashcards, is ultimately created and designed in the editor.

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RemNote can help you take notes from PDFs and websites as you read.

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Sharing & Collaboration

You can share completed RemNote documents with other users, or work with others on a shared knowledge base.

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Importing & Exporting

RemNote can import and export content from/to many other note-taking and flashcard apps.

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Mobile, Desktop, & Plugins

Other platforms and extensions to RemNote.

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Settings and Account

Customize your RemNote experience and manage your data in RemNote's settings.

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Something not working right? Try the steps suggested here.

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Plan, Pricing, & Referrals

Questions about your RemNote account or subscription? Get quick answers here.

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Case studies of a few ways you might use RemNote.

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Announcements & Updates

Notes about changes to RemNote released at a particular point in time.

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About RemNote

Who we are and what we do.

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