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Customizing the Document Sidebar
Customizing the Document Sidebar

The document sidebar can be customized to show the locations in your knowledge base that are most important to you.

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The center section of RemNote's left sidebar is known as the document sidebar and shows selected documents in your knowledge base. You can control what appears in the document sidebar by editing the Document Sidebar power-up.

RemNote's sidebar in a team member's knowledge base, with the document sidebar section highlighted.

Accessing the Document Sidebar Power-Up

There are two easy ways to access this power-up:

  • Choose Settings > Interface > Customize Sidebar Settings.

  • Select Document Sidebar Settings from the omnibar (Ctrl+K, or Cmd+K on a Mac).

Customizing Your Sidebar

All Rems shown in any portal displayed here will appear in your sidebar, so long as they are folders or documents.

Most users will be well served by selecting one of the presets: Only “Pinned” Section or “Unpinned” and “Pinned” Sections. These options will automatically add appropriate search portals to the document.

  • Pinned Section: This will show all documents that you've pinned by clicking the star icon in the upper-right corner.

    Pinned documents are unrelated to and should not be confused with pins, which are a type of Rem Reference.

  • Unpinned Section: This will show all other documents in your knowledge base in a hierarchy.

Tip: Having an excessive number of documents in the sidebar can slow RemNote down a little bit. If RemNote feels slow and you have a very large knowledge base with many documents, try hiding the Unpinned Section.

If the presets don't accomplish everything you need, you can also add your own standard portals or search portals here. The documents in them will appear on the sidebar in the order they appear in the Document Sidebar Settings power-up.

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