Creating Documents

Documents allow you to create and edit your Rem. A Document can be created by clicking the icon on the sidebar.

Documents are Just Rem

In RemNote everything is a Rem - even Documents and Folders. A Document is simply a Rem that's flagged as a document, causing the document to appear in the sidebar and in the All Notes Table. This design has a few implications:

  • You can create documents anywhere in the hierarchy. If you ever find yourself feeling overloaded by the amount of content you have in a hierarchy, simply create a new document in-line and zoom into it for a cleaner context.

  • You don't need to worry about if something should be a document or just another bullet in the hierarchy; it's easy to toggle a Rem back and forth.

  • Documents can be referenced using Rem References just like a normal Rem.

  • Documents are prioritzed in search.

Turning Rem into Documents

You can toggle if a Rem is a document or not by:

  • Zooming into the Rem (so its name appears in the big "title" letters) and checking "Tag as Document/Untag as Document" in the top right Document Menu.

  • Toggling /document from the Slash Command Menu

  • Clicking on the Six-Dot Rem-Grabber in the Hierarchical Editor and selecting "Insert β‡’ Document"

Folders are Documents that Contain Other Documents

There's no difference between folders and documents either! A folder is simply a document that contains other documents. If you're writing a document and find it's organically growing larger than you had initially intended, you can simply toggle some of its sections into documents and the initial document will automatically be rendered as a folder.

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