Hierarchical Search
You can limit searches to a particular section in the hierarchy of your knowledge base.
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RemNote's search functionality allows you to quickly navigate through your document hierarchies within the search box. This can be used for Associative Memory-type queries, for exploring related ideas, and for quickly adding new Rem in nested hierarchies (making these hierarchies easier to build).

Searching Within a Context

Let's say that you know you want to search for a component of a Cell. Here's how to quickly do so:

  1. Search for Cell

  2. Press Tab

  3. Use the Arrow keys to navigate to your selection

You can also search multiple times to go into deeper and deeper hierarchies.

Here, I type 1) Algorithm, Tab 2) Big O, Tab 3) Log, Enter.

If you press Shift + Tab, you'll go back up the hierarchy to the parent's context. By using the combination of Tab, the Arrow keys, and Shift + Tab you can quickly navigate your hierarchies within the search box itself.

Making New Rem From Within the Search Box

You can also create new Rem directly within the search box. At any point, you can type a search query and press Ctrl + Enter to create a new Rem. If you've pressed Tab to go into somewhere in the hierarchy, that Rem will be created under your current context.

Pinning the Search Context

Sometimes you will be creating these Rem again and again deep within a hierarchy. In order to save time navigating this hierarchy, the keyboard shortcut Option/Alt + P can be pressed to keep the current search hierarchy fixed. Each time the search box is then launched, it will be kept at the level in the hierarchy you pinned using the shortcut. To unpin this search context, return to the top of the hierarchy and press the same shortcut.

Only Searching Concepts and Documents

An underutilized search filter is the toggleable option 'Only Search Concepts + Documents'. This option restricts all search results to only Rem in your knowledge base that are either concepts or documents. To activate and deactivate this filter, type Opt/Alt + C.

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