Your memory is more effective when ideas are connected to each other. In RemNote , all of your knowledge goes into a single Knowledge Base. When you want to reference another idea, you can use aRem Reference, which is a sort of tag/link for Rems. All of the blue hyperlinks you've been seeing (ex "RemNote") are Rem References.

Rem References serve two purposes:

  • They help you mentally connect ideas. When you see a Rem Reference, you should try to think of the actual Rem in your mind to help you build the mental connection.

  • They help you connect ideas in RemNote to help you find and organize related ideas.

RemNote remembers the references you make and automatically organizes them for you. For example, here are some references to Cell in my Knowledge Base:

You can insert a Rem Reference by typing [[ twice. Try it now! Open the editor on the right using the document icon in the top right corner. Then, create a new Rem, press [[, and search for a Rem to make a reference to.

Rem References are real links, so if you change a Rem, all links to it automatically update.

You can try this out with these steps:

  • Create a new Rem and give it some text.

  • Create another Rem and make a Rem Reference to the first Rem.

  • Change the first Rem's text and see the Reference automatically update

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