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Search Portals

Search portals gather together all Rems that match a search query into one place.

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Search Portals allow you to display all Rems that match a particular search query at some point in your notes โ€“ like a standard portal, except the set of Rems included in it changes automatically as you add, edit, and delete Rems from across your knowledge base.

Search portals are a Pro-only feature. If you're on the Free plan, you can add up to 2 search portals, so you can try them out before upgrading.

Creating a search portal

To insert a new search portal, type /isp at the point where you'd like to show the portal, then press Enter.

Choosing a query

Search portals use the RemNote Query Language to generate search results. You can either write a query directly in the query language or use the visual query builder by clicking the filter icon:

For information on the syntax you'll need if you want to write a query directly, visit the RemNote Query Language documentation.

Example Use Cases

  1. Managing tasks: Find all todos that match specific criteria. Learn more in the Managing Tasks with RemNote article.

  2. Tag-based organization: List all Rems within a document or folder that have a particular tag.

  3. Studying specific topics: Collect flashcards related to a specific topic or subject that live in different documents and tags for a focused review session.

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