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Importing Notes

You can import content from other RemNote knowledge bases or from other note-taking and flashcards apps.

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You can import notes that were exported from RemNote (as backups stored in a .rem file, or as a knowledge base stored in a .db file), or from many other note-taking and flashcard apps, by clicking on your username in the upper-left corner of RemNote and choosing Import.

Clicking on an import type will show instructions on importing from that app.

Importing duplicate content

If you import content that is already in your knowledge base, RemNote applies some rules on a per-Rem basis to decide what to import:

  • If the document being imported has a Rem that doesn’t exist in your knowledge base at the location it’s found in the document being imported, the new Rem is added to your knowledge base. (Notice that if you have an identical Rem in a different document, this is a different Rem to RemNote, so you will end up with a copy in both locations.)

  • If the document being imported has a Rem that exists in your knowledge base and is exactly the same (in the same place, with the same content), the incoming Rem is skipped and your knowledge base remains unchanged.

  • If the document being imported has a Rem that exists in your knowledge base but has been changed, RemNote isn’t sure which version you want, so it imports the new Rem and keeps the old one right next to it. You can manually delete the version you do not want.

More on importing and exporting

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  • Moving Content Between Knowledge Bases: Exporting from RemNote to another RemNote knowledge base.

  • Notes on Importers: Details on exactly what can and cannot be imported from each app. Before reporting issues with an importer, please check whether there are known issues or limitations here!

  • Importing from Anki: Details on migrating from this popular flashcards app.

  • Exporting Notes: Sending content from RemNote to other apps.

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