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Working with Emojis
Working with Emojis

You can add emojis to your notes and to the titles of documents.

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You can use emojis in two ways in RemNote: within the text of your notes and as document icons.

In text

You can insert emoji into RemNote notes just like any other character using your device's emoji inserter. For instance, on most phones you can tap the emoji icon, and on macOS you can press Cmd+Ctrl+Space.

If your device doesn't have a convenient emoji inserter, RemNote also includes one of its own, which you can access by typing %%. After typing %%, search for the name of the emoji you want to use, then use the arrow keys to select an appropriate item and press Enter to insert it.

As document icons

To make it easier to spot the document you're looking for, you can assign a document an emoji. To do so, zoom into the document, then choose Add Icon from the Document Style menu.

A document's icon will appear next to its name in the document header, in the sidebar, and in place of the document icon when the document is viewed as a Rem within another document.

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