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Adding Superscripts and Subscripts
Adding Superscripts and Subscripts

Add text above or below other text using direct formatting or LaTeX equations.

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RemNote offers two options for adding superscripts and subscripts to your notes.

  1. Use the direct superscript/subscript format options. You can find these on the menu after selecting some text, or you can press Ctrl+Shift+. and Ctrl+Shift+, respectively (Cmd+Opt+. and Cmd+Opt+, on a Mac).

    This method is convenient if you have some very simple math or chemical formulas, or are using the superscripts or subscripts for footnotes or other non-mathematical purposes.

  2. Use LaTeX equations. For more complicated math, you'll get much nicer formatting for both your superscripts/subscripts and the rest of your equation by using LaTeX. Type $$ to start entering a LaTeX equation.

    See Writing Equations with LaTeX for a detailed treatment of this feature.

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