How Can I Pay?
We support a variety of payment options so you can easily purchase RemNote Pro with a method convenient in your country.
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To purchase RemNote Pro or Life-Long Learning or apply account credit for access to RemNote Pro, you can attach one of the following payment methods to your account in Settings > Plans. Some options may not be available in certain countries, and some options are only available for Life-Long Learning purchases, rather than ongoing subscriptions.

You can find more information about how subscriptions work here.

What payment methods are supported?

When the method involves an app or service, a link is provided to its home page or setup guide.

1. Credit cards (most major companies)

2. Wallets:

4. Buy now, pay later services:

5. Bank debits:

If your desired method is not on this list, we don't support it; for example, we don't support PayPal.

Where is my credit card data stored?

RemNote Pro purchases are processed by Stripe, a third-party payment processor used by millions of internet companies. RemNote does not store or have access to your credit card number or other sensitive payment details, whatever payment option you choose.

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