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What's included in the Life-Long Learner plan?
What's included in the Life-Long Learner plan?

The Life-Long Learner (LLL) plan is a one-time purchase that gives indefinite access to most Pro features.

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The Life-Long Learner plan is essentially the RemNote Pro plan, purchased up-front and with no ongoing subscription charge. However, access to certain server-based features is included for only a limited amount of time.

Here's what you can expect from an LLL plan:

  • All Local Pro Features for Life: You'll get access to all local RemNote Pro features on any number of devices, forever, including PDF annotation, image occlusion, search portals, etc. This does not include Pro Server Features (see below).

  • Updates for Life: You'll receive all future updates to RemNote.

  • Free Syncing for Life: As with other types of RemNote accounts, you'll be able to sync your notes between devices at no charge forever, subject to the limits of the Free plan (see the pricing page for details).

  • 5 years of access to Pro Server Features: RemNote Pro offers higher file storage and upload limits when syncing your notes to our servers. Syncing will use these higher limits for the first 5 years of your LLL subscription. We may add other Pro Server Features in the future, including but not limited to functionality that is too computationally intensive to be practical on consumer devices (e.g., AI language processing). We offer these features for 5 years with the LLL plan, rather than indefinitely, because providing Pro Server Features costs us significant amounts of money on an ongoing basis.

    After the 5 years expire, you'll continue to have access to Free Syncing between devices. If you want to continue the Pro Server Features, we'll offer a “top-up” purchase you can use to extend your access to these. The exact details here are yet to be determined, as RemNote hasn't been around for 5 years yet, but we do promise you won't end up spending more money than you would have by having an ongoing RemNote Pro subscription for the same time period.

From time to time, LLLs may also be first in line to try out new features or supply us feedback, since they represent our most committed users.

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