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RemNote Pro Frequently Asked Questions
RemNote Pro Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to common questions about RemNote Pro, including what’s included, subscriptions, discounts, and payment methods.
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ℹ️ Note we recently changed our subscription plans. You can read more about that here.

General Information

What are the pricing plans for RemNote?

We have three tiers of pricing: free (Free), subscription (Pro), and one-time purchase (Life-Long Learning).

To compare the pricing and features available in each tier, visit the Pricing Guide.

Why RemNote?

RemNote empowers you to organize your thinking, master your craft, and grow your knowledge.

Note-taking is an important part of effective thinking and information processing. It’s important that your note-taking is intentional and structured in ways that support long-term learning and connected thinking. Note-taking with RemNote empowers you to think, organize, and process your ideas in a sustainable, nimble, and permanent way. Our users rely on us to structure, retain, and support a significant part of their externalized memory.

We fully appreciate the critical importance of retaining consistent and unfettered access to your RemNote account and data - forever. You can count on us to ensure you never have to worry about access, retention, or commitment. Focus on your work, your thinking, and your learning. We’ll take care of the rest.

RemNote Free

Why do we offer the RemNote Free plan?

We're proud to offer an extremely powerful free plan. Our mission is to empower as many thinkers and learners as possible, and our free plan makes this possible.

Can I get a free trial for RemNote Pro?

On the Free plan, you can try each Pro feature a limited number of times, so you can see if these features are useful for you before you commit to a subscription. For instance, you can upload and annotate three PDFs, even though PDF annotation is a Pro feature. After that, you'll be prompted to upgrade when you want to annotate another PDF.

You can also refer friends to receive free months of access to RemNote Pro.

Will RemNote Free release new features?

Yes, absolutely! Both RemNote Pro and RemNote Free users will continue to see many new features, quality-of-life updates, and overall bug fixes/polish. For example, in the RemNote 1.1 update, we resolved over fifty bugs from our issue tracker. We also deployed a number of quality-of-life improvements, including a brand new LaTeX Editor, a brand new Right-to-Left (RTL) Mode, Resizable Panes, and much more.


How do I pay?

We offer many payment options including credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Cash app, and Link. More about payment options here. Note the options here are the only payment options we offer. For ex., we don't offer PayPal.

Plan Transitions

Does RemNote Pro work transfer to RemNote Free?

Yes! If you move from RemNote Pro to RemNote Free, all work done while using RemNote Pro remains in your account. For example, you’ll have ongoing access to all existing Aliases, PDF uploads and highlights, and Image Occlusion cards. To create new ones, you’ll need to resubscribe to RemNote Pro, but you won't lose any existing work.

Other questions

Where do my subscription dollars go?

We're a lean company focused on our users. Our goal is to build the world's most powerful thinking tool to empower individual learners, thinkers, and creators. Every subscription dollar goes directly into making RemNote more powerful for you. We're reinvesting everything right back into frequent updates, fundamental design research, and tooling.

What's included in the RemNote Life-Long Learner Plan?

Please see the main article for details.

Do you offer institution/classroom pricing?

Yes! We offer a group license discount for classrooms and educational institutions. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss pricing and logistics.

Is there a discount for the RemNote Life-Long Learning Plan?

We offer education and country-based discounts for the RemNote Pro plan. These are applied automatically based on where you live and, for the education discount, what email address you use (if it's associated with a recognized educational institution, the discount is granted automatically). We don't offer discounts for the Life-Long Learning plan at this time.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by clicking "Cancel Subscription" in Settings > Plans.

How can I activate the Pro credits I've earned from using 'Invite Friend'?

Use your free credits by subscribing to RemNote Pro from the Subscription Page. Your payment method won't be charged until your credits run out, and you can cancel at any time. When you open up the Stripe Billing Page to subscribe, you'll see a $0 charge if your existing credits cover the cost of the next subscription period you're paying for (either one month or one year).

At this time, credits awarded from inviting friends can be redeemed only for RemNote Pro subscriptions, not Life-Long Learning plans.

Once I’ve changed back to a Free account, can I still edit those Pro elements (for example, change the Alias text)?

You'll still be able to edit these elements.

What happens if I delete them accidentally? Can I still create as many Pro elements of that type that I had?

After you unsubscribe from Pro, you'll still be able to undo your alias deletion action (via cmd/CTRL+z). We also count how many Pro elements you created so that if you are under the total limit you can again create new Pro elements of that type. So for example after unsubscribing you might delete an Alias, but you can still hit cmd/CTRL+z to undo that action, or you can keep it deleted and if your total Alias count is under 3 (the paywall limit as of 28th March 2023) you can create a new Alias again.

If that Pro element type gets bug fixes and improvements in the future, is that reflected on the instances in my Free account?


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