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Links provide quick access to websites or other Rem when you click on arbitrary text.

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Links are like Rem References, but they can have any text – they don’t always show the same text as the Rem they link to. You can link either to a Rem in your knowledge base or to a website. Links, unlike Rem References, are underlined when looking at your notes.

Creating links

Type or find the section of text you wish the link to be attached to, then select it and click the Link button or press Ctrl+Alt+K (Cmd+Opt+K on a Mac).

  • For a link to a web page, paste the URL and press Enter. Your link is complete, and you will notice the text turns blue and underlined to indicate a link is present.

  • For a link to a Rem in your Knowledge Base, start typing to search your Knowledge Base.

Clicking on the link will navigate to the website or Rem.

Note: You can also link to a website by simply pasting its URL, without selecting any text first. In this case, RemNote will retrieve the title of the associated web page, create a Rem in the Website powerup, and add a reference to that Rem. The resulting reference works similarly to a link created with the method described above.

Working with links

If you left-click on a link, the target website or Rem opens immediately. If you right-click, you’ll see several other options:

  • At the top, the current title and URL of the link and an option to delete it.

  • Open as Document: open the link in RemNote. If the link is to a Rem, this is the same thing as left-clicking it. If the link is to a website, this will instead open the site’s entry in the Website powerup, where you can see all websites you’ve linked to from your notes.

  • Open in Other Pane: same thing, but use a separate pane, keeping your current position.

  • Copy Reference: copy a Rem Reference to the target of the link (when you paste, you get get another link to the website or Rem).

  • Replace With Reference: change this link into a Rem Reference, turning the text of the link into an alias of the target Rem or website.

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