RemNote automatically aggregates Rem Reference-Backlinks, Tag-Backlinks, Text References, and Document Links. These backlink sections are visible while in the Zoomed in state of any rem or by clicking on the Backlinks Counter from the Right Side of the Rem in the Zoomed out state.


When you open up any Rem, you'll see relevant backlink sections at the bottom of the editor for the Rem that is currently in scope.

For example, here we can see that Cell has 6 references, is in 1 document, and has 8 text references (8 places where the word Cell appears in the text).

Clicking any of these sections will open up the backlinks for that type. For example, here we open up the backlinks for References of RemNote:

Here we see the search for everything that has a Tag of Article:

Search Portals

A Search Portal allows you to search your entire knowledge base using flexible queries. You can create them by typing /search anywhere.

Search portals can help you spark connections throughout your knowledge base. Here, a search portal is used to construct a Bibliography. (The references below are quickly captured by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R.)

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