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Super-Private Rems
Super-Private Rems

You can mark Rems as private to hide them on-screen when you’re in public and prevent them from being accidentally shared.

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It's often helpful to show your notes to other people while you're working with them. However, exactly because RemNote integrates all of your knowledge into one convenient knowledge base, there is a risk of accidentally showing them glimpses of private notes you didn't intend to share when you, e.g., click on a reference or start a search.

The Super Private power-up allows you to mark such private notes so RemNote can hide them when your notes are visible to others. It has several effects:

  • Private notes are obscured in the editor (and when searching) so that you have to explicitly click on them to make them visible.

  • When a flashcard generated from a Super Private Rem comes up for review and Super-Private Rems are currently hidden, you'll see the following card:

  • When you share a document with the Share button, you'll be warned if the document contains any Super-Private Rems. (Super Private Rems are, however, included without prompting when exporting, since this is typically done to transfer them to other knowledge bases or apps also belonging to you.)

  • The contents of Super-Private Rems are not sent to third parties when using AI features.

Super-Private Rems should not be confused with Hidden Rems. Hidden Rems help you semi-permanently avoid displaying Rems that aren’t relevant in some context; they aren’t shown at all in the document and take up no space until you explicitly show them again. Super-Private Rems help you prevent other people who might look at your screen from inadvertently seeing sensitive information; they still take up the same amount of space in your documents, but they say only Private unless you “unlock” the workspace by clicking on one.

Making Rems Super-Private

To make a Rem and its descendants super-private, type /private or /sp, or press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P (Cmd+Opt+Shift+P on a Mac).

Revealing Super-Private Rems

To reveal all Super-Private Rems, simply click on one. After clicking to reveal one of your private Rems, you'll enter “unlocked mode” and will be able to see all private Rems throughout your knowledge base for the next hour.

Hiding Super-Private Rems

If you've revealed all super-private Rems and want to hide them again before the hour timeout is up, select the Hide Super-Private Rems action from the omnibar (Ctrl+K; Cmd+K on a Mac).

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