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Is the mobile app different from the web/desktop apps? Which features are new? Which ones are supported? How to use the editor toolbar?
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Our mobile app is the ultimate mobile companion to grow your knowledge. 1) Link your notes 2) Learn with flashcards 3) Works offline 4) Find anything with instant search 5) Plan with daily documents.

Some of our favorite features of RemNote for Mobile include:

  • ✈️ Also works offline β€” No annoying loading spinners! Battle-tested syncing engine

  • πŸ”— Link your notes β€” Connect your ideas and grow your knowledge

  • 🧠 Smart flashcards β€” Create them directly from your notes and learn on the go

  • πŸ“… Plan your day β€” Get things done with Daily Documents

  • πŸ’» Works on all your devices β€” Pick up on desktop where you left off on mobile

Tags and References

Like on the web and desktop app, you can create

  • references by typing [[

  • tags by typing ##

  • portals by typing ((

but you can also use the mobile Slash Menu

Mobile Editor Toolbar

The editor toolbar houses all your features for swift note editing and flashcard creation:

  • slash commands insert (+)

  • commands actions (⌘)

  • References β€” search other Rem and Reference them (or type [[)

  • Images β€” upload images from your phone

  • Flashcards β€” all you need to create and edit flashcards. You can still type >>, <<, <> though

  • Text Style β€” turn into hyperlink, reference, tag, portal, bold, italic underline, etc.

  • indent / outdent bullet

  • undo/redo

  • highlight color

  • headers

  • focus on above below Rem

Mobile Slash Menu

On mobile, you'll find all "insert" like slash menu actions behind the + button in the editor toolbar (appears after you focus on the editor).

All modify-like actions are in the ⌘ button.

Other Mobile features

iOS quick actions! ⚑️πŸ₯·

You can open the iOS quick actions by hard-pressing/tapping on the app icon.

Documents and Folders

In RemNote a document with documents in it, becomes a folder. You can create nested documents via the Rem menu (in the top right):

Or you can create a new folder via the + button:

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