You can display any content you want in the Document Sidebar by editing the Document Sidebar Power-Up.

Accessing the Document Sidebar Power-Up

To customize your sidebar, either:

  • Go to Settings > Sidebar > Customize Sidebar Settings; or,

  • Choose “Document Sidebar Settings” from the omnibar (Ctrl+K).

Customizing Your Sidebar

The entire contents of the Document Sidebar Power-Up will appear in your sidebar.

Customizing With Search Portal

Any Search Portal in the Document Sidebar Power-Up will appear in the sidebar. For example, we default the sidebar with a Search Portal that finds all documents. You can add your own sections as well! For example, you can create an "active" Tag and add a Search Portal to list any active items!

Customizing With Portals and Plain Rem

You can also manually add Rem to the sidebar by adding them to the Document Sidebar Power-Up.

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