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Structuring Content
Structuring Content

When links aren't enough, RemNote lets you structure your notes more formally with hierarchies, templates, the Concept/Descriptor Framework, and more.

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RemsA Rem is a single bullet point representing a unit of information.
Outlines and TerminologyLearn how to work with and talk about outlines, the most basic organizing principle of RemNote.
Documents and FoldersDocuments and folders help you organize your hierarchy of Rem into an understandable structure.
Universal DescriptorsUniversal Descriptors promote consistent wording and efficient thinking across your Knowledge Base.
ColumnsShow Rems side by side using columns.
What's the difference between a Document and a Top-Level Rem?Documents and Top-Level Rem are often confused by new users, but serve distinct purposes, and a Rem can be one, both, or neither.