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How can I create flashcards with someone else?
How can I create flashcards with someone else?

RemNote offers several effective ways to create notes and flashcards in community with others.

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Sharing personal documents

You can share documents so specific other people or all RemNote users can view and make copies of them. So one effective way to collaborate is to split up the material you want to learn and have each person write up some of it, then share the documents with each other.

By default, shared documents appear in the RemNote Community on your profile, so others can easily find them. Anyone opening a shared document can click the Save to my notes option to make a copy of the article and its flashcards in their own knowledge base. (You won't see this option when you look at your own shared article, since it's already in your knowledge base.) If you prefer, you can also share documents as unlisted; in this case only people you give the link to will be able to find them.

Read more about sharing Rems.

Using a shared knowledge base

With a Pro account, you can invite multiple people to edit a single knowledge base. This way, multiple people can edit the same notes at once. Collaborators can be on Free accounts – only the owner of the knowledge base needs a Pro account.

The main issue with using a shared KB to collaborate on flashcards is that the review history of flashcards in a shared KB is shared between users as well. This will likely change in the future, but for now if multiple people want to study the flashcards in a shared KB, you'll want to create the flashcards together in the shared KB, then each copy and paste them into a separate personal KB for review. (Please also feel free to upvote and comment on this feature request on 'separate queue for shared KB' to help us prioritize our development!)

Here's how you can invite someone to a Knowledge Base:

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