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Moving Content Between Knowledge Bases
Moving Content Between Knowledge Bases

You can move content between two knowledge bases by cutting and pasting Rem or by exporting and importing documents.

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Sometimes you’ll want to move some content from one of your KBs to another. There are two ways to accomplish this.

Cut and paste

For small numbers of Rems, you can simply cut them in one KB, switch to the new KB, and paste them in the new location. This will maintain all formatting, but references that point to Rems that you didn’t cut and paste will no longer be valid.


For larger jobs, you can export a document (or any Rem) along with all its children by selecting the Export option on the document menu (button in the upper-right) and choosing the RemNote (Complete) option. Then import the resulting file into your other KB.

Sometimes you might want to export all notes in the current KB (for instance, if you’re merging two KBs or migrating a synced KB to a local KB). In this case, use the Export and Backup button in Settings > Account.

If you're moving content from a local KB to a synced KB (but not vice versa), and images and PDFs are included in the content, you'll need to follow some additional steps to copy the images and PDFs. See How do I move content from a local KB to a synced KB? for complete instructions.

Find more information about exporting in How to Export and Import Notes.

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