What are Daily Documents?

A Daily Document is a special Rem tied to a particular calendar date. A new one is generated daily, and you can also create or reference one for any other date.

Daily Documents is also the folder where all the individual Daily Documents are gathered, allowing you to quickly find and track all time/calendar-sensitive documents.

Why Use Daily Documents?

These notes are a great place to take spontaneous notes on any given day, which you can later move or link to other parts of your Knowledge Base. Daily Documents can also be beneficial for tracking assignments or projects with specific deadlines and keeping yourself organized daily.

Since you can at any time create a reference to any Daily Document, they are the ideal way to integrate any calendar references (from ancient history to next Tuesday) into the main body of your notes.

How to Access Today’s Daily Document

To start working on today’s Daily Document, open the sidebar and click “Today’s Note”. This opens the Rem for the current date (you can see it in the title), which you can start editing immediately.

You can also open the Daily Document for today at any type with the shortcut Alt+D (Opt+D on Macs).

Finally, you can click on “create” in the bottom left corner and select Today’s Document.

How to Reference the Daily Document for any Date

You can create a reference (link) to any Daily Document by typing ! twice, followed by the date in question, then hit Enter (Return on Mac). For example !! November 27th 2020. If you type nothing and hit Enter (Return on Mac) it will reference today’s Daily Doc.

When you type !! you will notice it opens a calendar. You can select a date by scrolling through the months and choosing the date you need from the calendar.

Finally, RemNote recognizes plain text commands in this search bar; for example, type “In three weeks” or “next Tuesday” and automatically move to the correct date.

Once you have created the reference, you can click on it to open it and start editing it. If you don’t want to navigate away from your current page, use Shift + Click to open it in a new pane.

Accessing All Daily Documents

If you want to look over all your daily documents, perhaps to consult upcoming deadlines or past course notes, you can do so in several ways.

You can find them by clicking All Notes on the sidebar; Daily Documents is the furthest option to the right. Here you will see all Daily Docs and the last date they were modified.

Alternatively, you can open the Daily Documents folder by typing Ctrl + P (Cmd + P on Mac) to open the search tool, then typing Daily Documents and selecting the correct folder.

Here you will find each created Daily Document, as well as a small number on the right indicating how many times it has been referenced, which, if you click on it, will tell you where it was referenced.

Finally, you can also access Daily Docs directly from the sidebar; under Daily Documents, you can see all already created Daily Docs and click on Daily Documents to open the Daily Documents folder.

Until it has been opened, referenced, or edited, the Daily Document for a given date doesn't exist so that it won't take up any space in your daily documents section.

Ideas for Using Daily Documents

Daily Documents are an incredibly flexible tool for RemNote users. Whether you use RemNote for your studies, research, work, or any and all of the above, here are some ideas for how to get the most out of Daily Documents.

Daily Docs for Students

  • Today's Daily Document can be an excellent place to take notes throughout the day or to link as a reference to course notes you take elsewhere in your notes.

  • You can even create a template for your schedule for each day, tracking class times, and locations.

  • Add questions to ask in class and other helpful details/reminders ahead of time, which you will see when preparing to take notes for the day.

  • Whenever you get an assignment, open or reference the daily doc for that day, write it in and make it a to-do! This will keep you from forgetting and act as a helpful reminder.

Daily Docs for Researchers

  • Daily Docs are great for jotting down ideas as they come to you throughout the day, don’t forget to go through them later!

  • If you are working on a thesis or other long-term project, create Daily Documents for intermittent deadlines, meetings with advisers, etc, to help you incrementalize.

  • Use Daily Document references to track relevant timelines or prior research publication dates, even considerably historical ones!

Daily Docs in the Workplace

  • Make your Daily Documents into a scheduler, keeping track of meetings, deadlines, obligations, and calls.

  • After a meeting or call is over, you can add the notes from it straight to the daily doc under that meeting/call for maximum traceability and accountability.

  • You can use your daily doc as a notepad when you quickly need to take notes after a random call, impromptu hallway meeting, or spike of inspiration, go back later to move them or connect them to appropriate places in your Knowledge base.

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