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RemNote Referral Credits

You and a friend can both receive a free month of RemNote Pro if you invite them with a referral link.

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If you know someone who would benefit from better note-taking or knowledge organization, you can send them a personalized invitation to RemNote containing your referral link (containing a special unique ID for your account). If they sign up for RemNote using this referral link and start using it, both of you will earn a free month of credit for RemNote Pro!

Sending invitations

There are three ways to send an invitation that can earn credit. All of them can be found in Settings > Earn Credit.

Invite by email

You can type your friend’s email address into the Invite via email box and click the Invite button. This will send them a preformatted email (containing your referral link) that invites them to start using RemNote.

Invite by sending a direct link

You can copy your referral link directly from the “Share invite link” box and paste it into an email or text message you write yourself or add it to a social media post.

Invite by tweeting

If you're active on Twitter, you can invite all your followers by editing the message as desired and clicking on the Send Tweet option. Even if you don’t know your followers, if they decide to sign up, that’s free RemNote Pro for both of you. And the word spreads about what RemNote can offer learners around the world!

How to use your RemNote credits

Once you have successfully referred a new user (both you and they have verified their emails), both your account and their account will be credited for one month of RemNote Pro at the currently applicable monthly rate.

To redeem RemNote credit, you need to sign up for a RemNote Pro account and provide a payment method. All available credits are always applied before your payment method on file is charged, so if you have enough credit to cover the subscription you choose, you won’t be charged at all.

If you already have an active RemNote Pro subscription when you earn referral credit, you don’t need to do anything; again, your credit will be applied rather than charging your payment method on your next billing date.

How to sign up for RemNote Pro

In Settings > Plans, choose the plan you want to switch to (in this case, RemNote Pro; please note that Life-Long Learning licenses cannot be purchased with referral credits). You’ll be asked to enter payment information. If your referral credit covers the subscription you choose, you will see a $0 charge (if you see a larger charge than you expect, check whether you accidentally selected an annual subscription when you wanted a monthly one). Then you’ll be upgraded!

You can switch back to the free version from Settings > Plans whenever you want (see frequently asked questions on this). If financial concerns are holding you back, don’t forget that RemNote offers student discounts and local pricing discounts!

Other benefits of referring

Having other RemNote users in your professional or personal circles can have other benefits well beyond the credits you will earn.

Professional Collaboration (invite your Colleagues)

Having colleagues who use RemNote can allow you to share information and improve productivity. If you use RemNote to organize your work, take workplace meetings, plan projects or track client info, you might benefit enormously from sharing those notes across users.

Studying Synergies (invite your classmates)

As a student, few resources are as precious as good notes. If you miss a class or are dividing up sections of a textbook to study, preparing a group presentation or research, having easy access to each other’s well-organized notes or flashcards can be incredibly useful.

Collaborative Research and Writing

If you are working on a large-scale research project like a thesis or paper for publication with other researchers, you could collaborate on a Shared Knowledge Base. Sharing everything within it, from outlines to notes and bibliographical references, can save you and any co-authors or fellow scholars time and effort.

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