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How do I get the Education Discount?
How do I get the Education Discount?

Students, faculty, and staff at educational institutions are eligible for 25% off all RemNote subscriptions.

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All currently enrolled students, faculty or staff members of an academic institution are eligible for our 25% education discount when using our standard pricing (see the section at the bottom of the page for notes on non-standard pricing).

If you are using your official institution-provided email address for your RemNote account, chances are that RemNote already knows you belong to an educational institution, and you'll receive the discount when you subscribe. If you have an institution-provided email address but are not currently using that email address to log in to RemNote, follow the steps below to change your email address.

Changing your personal email to an institutional email

  1. Go to Settings > Plans and choose Get 25% Education Discount.

  2. Here you will be able to see which email address is associated with your RemNote account. If it's not your institutional email, follow the steps to change it.

  3. Once that's done, if your institution is part of our database, the discount will automatically apply to your plan and you'll see a discounted price in Settings > Plans. The vast majority of institutions across the world are in our database already.

  4. If you still don't see a reduced price, most likely our system does not recognize your institution. You can ask us to add it by clicking the apply for eligibility here link shown in the screenshot above. Once your school is added, you'll start receiving the discount.

If you don't see a “Get 25% Education Discount” option

There are two special prices that may affect your eligibility for the education discount:

  • Users who purchased RemNote before January 1, 2023 have our legacy Early Bird pricing ($6 per month).

  • Users in certain countries may be eligible for reduced pricing based on their country's average income.

The 25% education discount is available only on our standard pricing. However, both Early Bird pricing and country-specific pricing are equivalent to or cheaper than standard pricing with the education discount in every situation – so no worries, you're already getting a better deal!

Read more about our pricing changes here.

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