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With a couple of clicks, you can publish documents you’ve created to the RemNote community or share them with a select group of people.

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RemNote makes it easy to share any subset of your notes with other people. This can be useful for publishing your notes (explained below) or for creating flashcards collaboratively in a shared Knowledge Base.

We also have a guide on how to create a great shared document.

Sharing and Resharing

While zoomed into any Document or Rem, select the Share option. This will be its own button if you're in the Community Alpha, or can be found under the menu if you're not. You can choose to list your notes on the RemNote Community page, or keep them unlisted so that only people you give the link to can see them. (If your notes aren't sensitive, please consider sharing! All RemNote users learn more effectively when more content is available for reuse.)

Once the document is shared, click Copy Link and share the link wherever you like.

Sharing creates a snapshot of your document in its current state. If you share the document again, the shared version will be brought up to date (keeping the same link so others who have the link see the changes). This allows you to edit your documents in private and only share the updates when you're ready for others to see them.

Adding Topics

Topics are the way how content is organized on the Community. You can create a new topic in the sharing UI and others will be able to use it immediately. In this example we're creating a new Constructor Theory topic:


If you decide you no longer want to share a document, go to the shared article and select Un-Share.

All existing links to the document will stop working, and it will no longer be listed in the RemNote Community if it was publicly listed there.

Be aware that if you later choose to re-share the Rem, a new sharing link will be generated; the old link will not work again.

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