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You can add one or more sources to a document to record where the information in it came from.

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Document Sources allow you to associate a document (or any Rem) with a link to the place you learned about it, so you’ll know where to go if you need more information later or you need to share your source with someone else. You can add as many sources as you want.

Sources can link to URLs (for instance, websites), PDFs you’ve uploaded to RemNote, or other Rems.

Adding Sources

At the top of any document or Rem that you’re zoomed into, choose Add Source.

Alternatively, if you prefer to use the keyboard, click on the document title and type /source or /isrc.

Now paste the URL of a website or other resource, start typing to search for a Rem, or click the paperclip icon to upload a PDF from your computer. A small box will appear underneath the document’s title showing the name of the source.

Merging Sources

If you have two documents or Rems that use the same source, RemNote will warn you that you might be accidentally taking notes on it in two different places by displaying a Merge button next to the sources. If you didn’t intend this, you can choose to merge the documents; the notes from the other document (if any) will then be moved into the current document.

Removing a source

You can remove an existing source by right-clicking on it and selecting Remove.

Inline sources

So far, we’ve discussed adding sources to a document or Rem that you’ve zoomed in to. But actually, you can add a source to any Rem at all, even if you’re not zoomed in to it: just type /source on that Rem. The source will appear underneath the Rem and before any children it has.

Sources and flashcards

A source attached to a document A, that points at a document B that contains flashcards, will cause the flashcards in document B to be included when you practice cards from within document A. This can be a convenient way to practice the flashcards of several documents with related topics at once.

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