What Are Rem?

Each bullet point in RemNote is called a Rem. Each Rem represents a unique piece of knowledge and can be used to generate a flashcard for spaced repetition practice. The hierarchical bullet-point editor (with unlimited nesting) makes it easy to organize knowledge.

  • Press Tab to indent a Rem.

  • Press Shift + Tab to outdent a Rem.

  • Press Enter to create a new Rem.

Editor Features

Customize your notes with rich-text

  • Add a Rem Reference to another Rem in your Knowledge Base by typing [[. (These are very useful for drawing connections and making associations between ideas you're learning!) Rem References update automatically. Edit the Rem on the next line to watch this reference update.

  • Add Mathematical Formulas using LaTeX by typing $$.

  • Add Dates by typing ! twice - March 12th, 2021.

  • Add Tags by typing ##. They show up on the right.

  • Add Images or Links by pasting in their URL. You can also drag and drop images directly into the editor.

  • Make Todo Lists by typing /todo or pressing Cmd/Ctrl + Enter.

  • Add Videos by typing /video.

Format your notes

Rem Level Highlighting

  1. Click on the Six-Dot Rem-Grabber on the left end of any rem and select "Add Highlights."

  2. You can type /red or any color from the available options.

Inline Level Highlighting

Select the portion of text you wish to highlight and click on the Highlight drop-down button from the Selected Text Menu.

You can also choose between three Header sizes via the Six-Dot Rem-Grabber or the / menu or using the dedicated Keyboard Shortcut.

Zoom into any Rem

Click on any bullet point to zoom into a Rem, showing only that Rem and its descendants. Go back using your browser's back button, or the breadcrumbs at the top of the document.

The Slash-Command Menu

Press / while typing in the editor to bring up a menu where you can search through all formatting options and editor features.


Press Ctrl+K (Cmd+K on a Mac) to open the Omnibar, where you can access all of RemNote's settings, editor features and help documents.

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