Note: Your Edit Later Document is different from your Flashcards Queue! See the tutorial on Spaced Repetition to learn about your Flashcards Queue.

Learning is an iterative process. When practising your Cards, you'll find that you frequently want to make edits to your Rem. However, doing so on your phone is pretty cumbersome, and you may not want to break your flow state. Instead, you can quickly add the Rem to a queue of things you want to edit later on. This queue is called the Edit Later Document. Adding a Rem to this queue makes it show up on the left sidebar above your documents (note that this sidebar isn't visible on the tutorials page):.

You can add a Rem to this queue in these ways:

  • Directly in the Queue by pressing "Edit Later"

  • Typing /edit

  • Tagging the rem with Edit Later powerup

By the way‒when a Rem is in your Edit Later Document, it won't show up in your normal Flashcards Queue by default.

When you select either of these options, you'll be given a choice to make a brief note (to yourself) describing what you want to edit.

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