The Tags Page

You can view and manage all your tags from the Tags powerup.

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Once you’ve created at least one tag (choose Create > Table/Tag from the lower-left if you need to do this), you'll find a Tags power-up in your sidebar. You can also search for Tags in Ctrl+P search.

You'll see the following screen:

Pinned Tags

You can pin tags you use frequently to keep them at the top of the list. To do this, click the pin icon next to a tag in Your Tags. The pin icon will turn blue when a tag is pinned.

Aside from the fact that it shows only tags you’ve pinned, this view works identically to the Your Tags view further down.

Community Tags

RemNote users can share interesting tags they’ve created, usually including relevant properties and templates, with the community, which will then be featured here. This makes it easy to share useful learning and organization patterns with others! You can click on any tag that looks interesting to see an example of it, and then select the Add to Your Tags button to import it into your knowledge base.

If you’re interested in sharing a tag with the community, please share the tag as a document (Share button in the upper-right), then contact us in support (Message Support from the ?-button in the lower-right). A more automated method will be available soon!

Your Tags

This section shows all tags you’ve used anywhere in your knowledge base. Click the Sort button in the upper-right to show the tags in a different order:

You can click on any tag’s name to go to its page and view its instances. You can also click the pin icon to control whether the tag appears in Pinned Tags, or the copy icon (hover over the tag to make this icon appear) to copy it to your clipboard. You can then click on any Rem, or highlight multiple Rems, and paste (e.g., with Ctrl+V) to add the tag to them.

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