Interested in showing someone your notes, but have Rem you don’t want others to view? RemNote includes a power-up designed specially to hide the content of certain Rems.

Why make Rem Super-Private?

In certain situations, any Rem that contains personal details, or exposes information that you intend to keep to yourself, would prevent you from showcasing your knowledge base to others. What if you had phone numbers or email addresses, or notes about personal matters or a controversial topic? In all of these cases, Super-Private Rem can bring peace of mind by concealing your notes. Here are some example situations where Super-Private Rem can made helpful:

  • Showing lecture notes to a classmate

  • Attending a meeting

  • Screencasting your knowledge base to somebody

Making Rems Super-Private

To make a Rem super-private, press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + Opt/Alt + P or type /private on any Rem to conceal the Rem's information by default.

Revealing Super-Private Rems

To reveal all Super-Private Rem, simply click on one of them. After clicking to reveal one of your private Rems, you'll be able to see all private Rem for the next hour.

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