What is the Extra Card Detail Power-Up?

Like all Power-Ups, it is a Rem that adds extra functionalities when used as a Tag. In this case, Extra Card Detail adds whatever Rem it has been tagged with to the back of a Flashcard in that Rem’s Parent.

Why Use the Extra Card Detail?

Adding further details and clarifications to Flashcards can be essential to understanding the information you are learning in its context or completeness. Yet you also want to keep flashcard answers simple and straightforward for self-testing. This Power-Up allows you to add unlimited information to be shown upon completing the flashcard

How to Use the Extra Card Detail Power-Up?

Create a Flashcard

To add Extra Details to a Flashcard, you will first need to make the card you wish to add further clarification on.

Flashcards are easy to create from your Notes in RemNote, and you can find more information about how to make them and all the different types of Flashcards available here.

Add Details to the Card in a Child Rem

To create a child Rem for your Flashcard, just hit Enter after it, then Tab. This will indent the bullet of the new Rem so that it is now below and to the right of the Parent Rem with the Flashcard.

Add the details you wish to have shown on the back of the Flashcard in this Child Rem. You can add text, an Image, or any other information you would like.

Add the Extra Card Detail Power-Up

This Power-Up will make the details in the child Rem(s) show up on the back of the Flashcard in the parent Rem. You can add it in two ways.

(Note, before version 1.9.7 you could apply the extra card detail power-up Rem via the tag search pressing ##. This is no longer possible, please use the slash menu typing /extra card detail or /ecd to apply this power-up instead).

With the / Command

Go to the Child Rem and Type / to open the command menu, then type extra card detail. As with the tag, usually extra will suffice to be shown the Power-Up. Hit Enter and the Extra Card Detail Tag will now be added to this Rem.

Now, whenever you study that flashcard, the extra details tagged will show up on the back once you have answered correctly or otherwise. It will not appear on the front of the Card. And it will not be required for the answer. If you have tagged multiple child Rem with Extra Card Detail on one Flashcard, they will all show up.

Regardless of how you added it, you can remove the Tag by clicking the x on it.

Examples and Ideas for Extra Card Details

Adding Context

Many subjects cannot be boiled down to simple answers, yet flashcards benefit from clarity and brevity (though certainly don't require it!). Using Extra Card Details can be an excellent way to capture additional important contextual information without compromising the length or clarity of the card.

Go Beyond the Test

Some students restrict themselves to only memorizing what is required to pass or Ace a test, but true learning and understanding sometimes requires going beyond. Extra Card Detail can help enrich your learning with connections, musings, commentary, or even questions, so that as you study you also push yourself to go deeper.

Add Images

Med school students in particular will find this handy, as visual supports are excellent but might give away the answers. Use them to help reinforce the connection between understanding the theoretical and identifying the visual/practical.

Add Translations or Synonyms

Whether studying another language or memorizing complex legal or medical terminology, it can be essential to remember or at least be aware of alternate terms. Use the Extra Card Detail to add synonyms, lay phrases, words from other regions, or even something practical like pronouncing the word.

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