We learn faster when we help each other. RemNote makes it easy to share Rem with others.

Sharing and Resharing

In any Rem, just click the Document Menu in the top right, then press "Share". Once the document is shared, click the Share icon and then "Copy Link". You can then share this link wherever you like!

Sharing will generate a snapshot of your document in its current state. In order to update the Rem, click the Document Menu again click the now "Reshare" menu item. This allows you to edit your documents in private and only update them publicly when they're ready.

Unsharing Rem

After following the link, or resharing the Rem, in the three-dot menu click "Un-Share This Article". This will take down the Rem from being accessed publicly and prevent all links from working. If you choose to reshare the same Rem, a different link will be generated.

One Link, Unlimited Edits

No matter how many times you reshare a Rem, the link to that Rem will remain the same. This allows you to incrementally improve the Rem over time without having to continuously redistribute links.

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