Hide Rem to Keep Documents Clean

When writing or taking notes, it's often desirable to keep a clean workspace. Hiding a Rem allows you to remove it from your attention while making it easy to retrieve the Rem later through the Hidden Rem Indicator.

Hiding Rem

To hide a Rem, simply click on the Rem's text and press Ctrl+Alt+H (or type /hi). The Rem will be moved to a “hidden” section.

Un-Hiding Rem

At the bottom of a Rem that has hidden children, a Hidden Rem Indicator will appear. Click here, press the toggle button to the left of a Rem, or press Ctrl+Shift+C to open the Hidden Rem Indicator. Then select the Rem you want to unhide.

You can also locate and add all hidden children of a Rem back to the document in one go with /vhc.

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