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Formatting Your Notes
Formatting Your Notes

Learn how to fine-tune the appearance of text and add images and videos to your notes.

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RemNote provides various text formatting options to structure your notes. This structure can help make your notes more functional and attractive and make it easier to re-orient yourself when returning to old notes.

Formatting within a Rem

To format within a Rem, simply select the text that you want to edit using the mouse or keyboard and pick the appropriate option on the toolbar that pops up. Options include bold, italics, underlines, highlights, inline code, links, and so on.

Each option also has keyboard shortcuts for quick editing; see the shortcuts by hovering over the relevant button in the Selected Text Menu.

Formatting an entire Rem

Some formatting options apply to whole Rems, rather than specific text with in it: headings and whole-Rem background highlights. To select these, click the Six-Dot Rem-Grabber and select the appropriate Header or Highlight option from the menu.

You can select these formatting options from the keyboard by typing / anywhere in the Rem. For example, you can add a green highlight by typing /green.

Formatting bullet points

Rems can be toggled between displaying a bullet point or a number with /list item (Ctrl+Alt+L).

The bullet point to the left of a Rem can also be hidden entirely to display your document in a more traditional bullet-less style. To change the bullet, use /hide bullet.

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