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5-Minute Editor Overview
5-Minute Editor Overview

Learn the most important features of the RemNote editor in a few minutes.

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Your notes are made up of bullet points, each of which is called a Rem. Each Rem represents a unique piece of knowledge and can be used to generate a flashcard for spaced repetition practice. The hierarchical bullet-point editor (with unlimited nesting) makes it easy to organize knowledge.

  • Press Enter to create a new Rem.

  • Press Tab to indent a Rem under the Rem above it.

  • Press Shift+Tab to outdent a Rem (move it up one level).

Once you have a hierarchy of bullet points, you can click on any Rem or press Ctrl+' (Cmd+' on a Mac) to zoom in, i.e., show only that Rem and its descendants. Go back using your browser's back button or the breadcrumbs at the top of the document, or press Ctrl+; to zoom out one level (Cmd+; on a Mac).

You can move any Rem to a new location by dragging and dropping its bullet point. Move the mouse left and right to control what indentation level it ends up at. (Learn more about moving and organizing hierarchies.)

Link to other Rems

  • Add a Rem Reference (link) to another Rem in your Knowledge Base by typing [[ or @.

  • Link to a date by typing !!. See Daily Documents for details.

  • Add a tag by typing ##. They show up on the right.

Add media and special content types

  • Add images by pasting from your clipboard or dragging and dropping, or type /image and paste a URL.

  • Add videos by typing /video.

  • Add links to websites by pasting the URL.

  • Add mathematical formulas using LaTeX by typing $$.

  • Make todo lists by typing /todo or pressing Ctrl+Enter (Cmd+Return on a Mac).

Format text

  • Add inline formatting (such as bold or italics) to specific text by highlighting it and selecting the appropriate option from the editor toolbar.

  • Add a highlight color by typing /red (or any available color). Type /highlight for a list of available colors.

  • Make a Rem into a heading by typing /h1, /h2, or /h3, or pressing Ctrl+Alt+1/2/3 (Cmd+Opt+1 on a Mac).

Do more with the /-menu and omnibar

Press / while typing to bring up a menu where you can search through all formatting options and editor features.

To edit multiple Rems at once, or perform actions that aren't connected to specific selected text, launch the omnibar with Ctrl+K (Cmd+K on a Mac).

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