Deleting Your Account

You can delete your RemNote account from the “Danger Zone” if you no longer want it.

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If you no longer want to use RemNote, or you've opened multiple accounts and want to get rid of one of them, you can delete your account from Settings > Account > Danger Zone > Delete Account. You may be asked to re-enter your RemNote password to complete the deletion.

When you choose to delete your account, a 5-day holding period begins. You can cancel the deletion at any time by logging in again and choosing to reactivate your account in the warning banner. After the 5-day period, your data will be permanently deleted. (As is standard for account deletions, some of your data may persist in various server backups for some time afterwards, but recovering your account from such backups is impractical and not something we can offer.)

Exporting your data

If you think there's any chance you might want to come back to RemNote someday, or you ever kept any important data in RemNote, it's a smart idea to export a full backup from your account before deleting it. If you later create another account, you can simply import this backup to restore your data. Find this option in Settings > Account > Export and Backup; choose the “RemNote (Complete)” format for a version that can be imported back into RemNote without losing any data.

Deleting all Rem

If you plan to keep using RemNote, but just want to get a fresh start, you can instead delete all Rem from your account in Settings > Account > Danger Zone > Delete All Rem. Your account will remain active, but all your notes will be deleted.

As with deleting your entire account, it's a smart idea to export a full copy of your data (see section above) prior to deletion, just in case you later realize there's something you needed there.

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