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Annotating Web Pages in RemNote
Annotating Web Pages in RemNote

The Web Reader works much like the PDF Reader, but allows you to annotate the text of web pages instead of files.

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For background on annotation in RemNote, review How to Annotate Files in RemNote. This article will explain only what differs when annotating a web page.

Note: The Web Reader is a Labs feature currently in testing and available only to Pro users. To try it out, turn on “Web Reader” in Settings > Labs.

Getting started

Recall that to annotate a file, you first upload it by adding it as a source to some document or Rem. Similarly, to annotate a web page, you copy the URL of the page and add it as a source (/isrc on the document or Rem you want to attach it to). Then click on the source and select Open in RemNote:


Highlighting largely works the same way in the web reader as the PDF reader: you select the content to highlight by dragging over it and then releasing the mouse button.

Area (“box”) highlights aren’t supported in the web reader. However, most types of content, including images, can be directly captured by text highlights.


Some options present in the PDF reader aren’t currently available in the web reader. For instance, there is no table of contents, and you can’t zoom, change the theme, or search for text within the article. Many of these features will likely be added in the future.

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