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Supported File Types for Annotation
Supported File Types for Annotation

RemNote can convert files of many types into PDFs suitable for reading and annotation.

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RemNote can natively annotate PDFs and web pages. For files of many other types, we can automatically read and convert them when you upload them to RemNote. This includes popular formats like word-processor documents (.doc, .docx, .odt), PowerPoint / slide presentations (.ppt, .pptx, .odp), and ePub ebooks.

Here is a full list of the file types our converter will try to work with; please note that not all of them have been extensively tested.

  • abw (AbiWord Document)

  • ai (Adobe Illustrator File)

  • azw (Amazon Kindle eBook Format)

  • azw3 (Amazon KF8 eBook File)

  • azw4 (Amazon Print Replica eBook)

  • cbc (Comic Book Collection)

  • cbr (Comic Book RAR Archive)

  • cbz (Comic Book ZIP Archive)

  • cdr (CorelDRAW Image File)

  • chm (Compiled HTML Help File)

  • csv (Comma Separated Values File)

  • doc (Microsoft Word Document)

  • docm (Microsoft Word Macro-Enabled Document)

  • docx (Microsoft Word Open XML Document)

  • dot (Microsoft Word Document Template)

  • dotx (Microsoft Word Open XML Document Template)

  • dps (Kingsoft Presentation File)

  • dwg (AutoCAD Drawing Database File)

  • dxf (Drawing Exchange Format File)

  • epub (Open eBook File)

  • et (Kingsoft Spreadsheets File)

  • fb2 (FictionBook 2.0 File)

  • htm (HTML File)

  • html (HTML File)

  • htmlz (Zipped HTML eBook)

  • hwp (Hanword Document)

  • key (Apple Keynote Presentation)

  • lit (Literature File)

  • lrf (Sony Portable Reader File)

  • lwp (Lotus Word Pro Document)

  • md (Markdown File)

  • mobi (Mobipocket eBook)

  • numbers (Apple Numbers Spreadsheet)

  • odd (Open Document Drawing)

  • odg (OpenDocument Graphic File)

  • odp (OpenDocument Presentation)

  • ods (OpenDocument Spreadsheet)

  • odt (OpenDocument Text Document)

  • pages (Apple Pages Document)

  • pdb (Program Database)

  • pdf (Portable Document Format File)

  • pml (eBook File)

  • pot (PowerPoint Template)

  • potx (PowerPoint Open XML Presentation Template)

  • pps (PowerPoint Slide Show)

  • ppsx (PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show)

  • ppt (PowerPoint Presentation)

  • pptm (PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation)

  • pptx (PowerPoint Open XML Presentation)

  • prc (Mobipocket eBook File)

  • ps (PostScript File)

  • raf (Fuji Raw Image File)

  • rb (RocketEdition eBook File)

  • rst (reStructuredText File)

  • rtf (Rich Text Format)

  • sk (Sketch/Skencil File)

  • sk1 (sK1 Vector Graphics File)

  • snb (Shanda Bambook eBook)

  • svg (Scalable Vector Graphics File)

  • svgz (Compressed SVG File)

  • tcr (Psion Series 3 eBook File)

  • tex (LaTeX Source Document)

  • txt (Plain Text File)

  • txtz (Zipped Text File)

  • vsd (Visio Drawing File)

  • wpd (WordPerfect Document)

  • wps (Microsoft Works Word Processor Document)

  • xls (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet)

  • xlsm (Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet)

  • xlsx (Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet)

  • xps (XML Paper Specification File)

  • zabw (AbiWord Compressed Document)

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