Using the RemNote Clipper

The RemNote Clipper allows you to save web pages for future use or take notes on them while reading.

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[The RemNote Clipper is currently broken due to a Chrome update. We hope to bring it back in the future; stay tuned!]

Many people frequently take notes from web pages. The RemNote Clipper Chrome extension is a convenient way to work on a web page and in RemNote at the same time.


The RemNote Clipper is available on Google Chrome and other Chrome-based browsers via the Chrome Web Store. To install it, click on that link or search for RemNote Clipper in the store, then click the Add to Chrome button and follow any prompts.

After installing the Clipper, you should see a RemNote icon next to your address bar:

If you don't see it, you may need to click the extensions icon and pin the RemNote Clipper:

Taking Notes

When you're viewing a web page you would like to save or take notes on, click the RemNote plugin icon.

To save the web page into a new document in your knowledge base, type a note about why you're saving the page if you wish, then click Save note.

You can do this repeatedly if you like. Each note that you type into the box will become a new Rem in the document.

To see the notes you've added in a split screen and edit them directly, click Continue Editing. The document will open to the left:

The document viewer is a full-fledged RemNote web application window, so you can use the /-menu, move to other documents, and even open multiple panes here.

Once you have the split screen open, selecting text in the web page will offer a Highlight option to copy it directly to a new Rem in your notes.

Sidebar buttons

There is a small vertical toolbar with several buttons to the top right of the document viewer:

From top to bottom, these are:

  • Toggle Editor: Expand the web page to fill the screen, but leave the toolbar open so you can restore the RemNote editor by clicking this button again.

  • Close Editor: Close the RemNote editor entirely. You can reopen it at any time by choosing Continue Editing from the RemNote extension button in your browser toolbar.

  • Pin Editor: Allow the editor to overlap the content of the web page. This may be helpful if the page has a lot of empty space on its left side and you're using a smaller monitor.

  • Pop-out Editor: Open RemNote at the current document in a new browser tab.


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