The RemNote Clipper allows you to easily take notes on a webpage while reading, or save it for future use.


The RemNote Clipper is available on the Chrome Web Store. Installation is easy. To install it, click here, or search for "RemNote Clipper" in the Chrome Web Store.


Once installed, there will be a RemNote icon next to your URL bar. When you're viewing a web page you would like to save or take notes on, click this icon. Clicking it brings up a pop-up box, and automatically creates a Rem in your knowledge base.

Taking Notes

To take notes immediately, click "Continue Editing". To save the web page for later, click "Save note." If you choose to save the note for later, you can write a message to your future self about, for example, how you came across the page or what you might use it for. What you write will be the first bullet-point in your Rem.

If you're ready to start taking notes, the document viewer will open to the left:

Note that the document viewer gives full access to your RemNote knowledge base, so you can use / commands, switch between Rems and even open up multiple Rems in the viewer.

While you are taking notes, you can highlight text to add it to your notes.

Sidebar buttons

There are several buttons to the top right of the document viewer. Their functions are shown below:

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