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Software Updates

To keep your RemNote experience fresh, we release updates on a regular basis. Here’s how they work and how to make sure you have the latest.

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To keep your RemNote experience fresh, we release updates on a regular basis, usually multiple times a week. All RemNote apps receive new updates automatically.

If you ever need to check what version you’re currently using, you can find this information at the bottom of Settings > Account.

Update schedule

On the web app, you’ll receive RemNote updates every time the page reloads. To check for updates and get the latest version sooner, simply refresh the page (on most browsers, this is Cmd+R on Mac, and Ctrl+R or F5 on Windows and Linux).

On the desktop app, you’ll be prompted in the lower-left corner to reload the app when updates are available. Simply click Update and Reload to complete the update. If you don’t choose this option, next time you close and reopen RemNote, you’ll get the updated version.

Desktop app updates may take a few hours to show up after an update is released. To force RemNote to check for updates immediately, close and restart the app; an update check will occur immediately after you launch the app, and if there’s a new update, the Update and Reload button will appear once RemNote finishes downloading it.

If the desktop app ever gets stuck while updating, you can fix it by manually downloading and installing the latest version from

On the mobile app, updates are managed through your device’s app store (Google Play on Android and the Apple App Store on iOS devices). If you have questions about how updates work here, refer to the documentation provided with your device.

Beta version

By default, you’ll only receive updates to the main release version. If you want to try out the beta version for early access to new changes, check out the article on prereleases.

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