Prereleases / Beta Version

Get the bleeding-edge version of RemNote for early access to new features and bug fixes.

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Before releasing each software update, we briefly test it in beta. If you want to get a bugfix or new feature a little bit earlier, you can use this beta version; the downside is you're more likely to run into new bugs.

To use the beta version:

  • On the web app, instead of going to, go to

  • On the desktop app, select Beta Channel from the Receive Beta Channel Updates drop-down in Settings > Desktop App:

    The "Receive Beta/Alpha-Channel Updates" option.

    After selecting this option, RemNote will check for updates on the newly selected channel, and if there's a newer version on that channel, you'll be prompted to reload the app to install the beta version as soon as the update finishes downloading.

  • On the Android app, you can select the beta channel from within the Play Store. There is no publicly available beta version for the iOS app at this time.

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