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Offline Mode

With some conditions, you can continue to use RemNote even when disconnected from the internet.

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RemNote allows you to continue working when not connected to the internet. Any edits you make will automatically be synced up when you reconnect; you can even safely make changes on multiple offline devices at once, and they'll be automatically merged the next time they sync.

You can work offline in either the web app or the desktop app, but the desktop app usually works better offline.

Using the web app offline

If you are accustomed to working on your notes in a browser window, you can keep that window open when you go offline. RemNote will tell you that you are in offline mode, and you will be able to keep taking notes until you close the window.

However, if you close the tab/window or refresh it, your notes will be saved, but you will be unable to continue working until you reconnect. You also cannot start RemNote in your browser while offline (e.g., by going to

Using the desktop or mobile app offline

RemNote’s Mobile and Desktop Apps work great offline. You will need a connection to download them and log in, but once you do, you can edit your notes or review your flashcards offline for as long as you want.

Just like with the web version, all changes you make, including flashcard review progress, will be automatically synced once you return online. Depending on how many changes you make and how fast your internet connection is, it could take a minute or two to finish.

The desktop app stores a complete copy of all images and PDFs in your knowledge base on your computer's hard drive, so you can continue to use them while offline. The mobile app does not do this due to the smaller amount of storage available on most mobile devices, so you may be unable to access some media.

You can download the desktop app here for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and you can find “RemNote – Notes & Flashcards” in the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store.

Limitations of Working Offline

You can assume that most features of RemNote work the same way offline as they do online. However, there are a few limitations, some of them obvious and some of them less so:

  • Most AI features will be unavailable.

  • Images that aren't stored locally will not be visible. Images are stored locally on the desktop version, but not on the web or mobile versions.

    • Flashcards that contain such images will be automatically postponed to the end of the queue, so you can continue studying without being interrupted by cards you can't answer.

  • Plugins will not load.

  • If you paste the URL to a website into your notes, RemNote won't be able to retrieve the title of the page as it normally does, so the raw URL will be displayed instead.

  • You won't be able to open links to web pages or other internet resources you may have added to your notes.

  • You won't be able to access the RemNote Community or help documents, and in-app tutorials will be unable to display some content, such as suggested videos.

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