In general, you can move content between knowledge bases in two easy ways:

However, if you have images or PDFs in your knowledge base, neither of these methods will copy those. When you're moving from a synced knowledge base, this is not a problem because RemNote's servers will still have a copy of the relevant content. But when you're moving from a local knowledge base, the content won't be on RemNote's servers and the images and PDFs will all be missing in the new knowledge base.

You can easily fix this by moving the images and PDFs yourself.

Moving images and PDFs

First, open the settings and navigate to the settings for the old knowledge base (that is, the one you're moving/copying content from). Find the Local Storage Location, then go to that folder on your computer (e.g., in Windows Explorer or Finder). Inside this folder, you should find a folder called files; open this folder.

Next, follow the same steps to open the files folder for your new knowledge base (that is, the one you're moving/copying content to).

Lastly, copy the files from the old files folder to the new files folder and restart RemNote. Your images and PDFs will be visible now, and they'll begin to sync up to RemNote's servers so they'll be accessible on other devices as well.

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