The Desktop App offers a very similar feel to RemNote’s Browser App, with enhanced privacy and offline-access (Local-Only Knowledge Base) options.

Synced Knowledge Bases with Offline Access

  • Log into your RemNote account and sync your Knowledge Base to your device/computer, making it accessible for local, offline use.

  • Images are also synced and stored in a local directory on your computer for offline access.

  • Synced Knowledge Bases automatically create a /remnote/remnote-{your User ID} storage folder in your home directory for backups and attached files.

Local-Only Knowledge Base

  • Offline - Local-only Knowledge Bases work completely offline, with no syncing to our servers.

  • Enhanced Security - Local-only Knowledge Bases are not synced to the cloud.

  • Automatic Backups - The desktop app automatically generates a daily Full Raw-Data JSON Backup of your Knowledge Base (and saves it to a specified folder on your hard drive).

  • Local File Storage - Images added to RemNote are stored in a specified folder on your hard drive (your Local Storage Folder ).

  • Full RemNote Feature-Set - All RemNote features are fully supported.

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