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Can I sell content I’ve created in RemNote?
Can I sell content I’ve created in RemNote?

Absolutely – but we don’t offer our own marketplace for such content, or any technical means to prevent unauthorized copying.

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You always own your personal notes and flashcards! Consequently, you’re absolutely welcome to create content in RemNote and sell it to others.

That said, there are a couple of things you should be aware of before starting a project here.

  • RemNote does not currently offer any marketplace or platform where you can sell notes, so you’ll need to find your own way of distributing the content and taking payments. You’ll probably want to distribute a RemNote JSON file.

  • If you choose to upload content to the RemNote Community using the Share button in RemNote, anyone who obtains a copy of that content has a license to use it for free. This license is irrevocable – you cannot later change your mind and prohibit such use. Consequently, if you intend to sell your content in the future, you should not share it on the RemNote platform.

  • RemNote does not have any DRM features, so there is no technical means to prevent other users from copying the notes and sharing them.

    In practice, this is not usually a huge concern – while a few people may obtain your content illegally, most people who are interested will still legally purchase it as long as it is reasonably priced and convenient. There are markets for content on similar platforms that also don’t have DRM, like Anki, not to mention major multinational platforms like the iTunes Music Store.

    Should you find that someone has uploaded your copyrighted content to the RemNote Community without your permission, please contact us by emailing [email protected] or choosing Message Support from the ?-menu in the lower-right corner of the app, and we will remove it.

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