What Does it Mean to Work Offline?

Unlike many web/sync-based platforms, RemNote allows you to continue working even when not connected to the internet. Any edits you make will automatically be synced up to your notes when you reconnect later.

Why Work Offline?

Sometimes you won’t have the choice, perhaps you are travelling, or your internet is temporarily down. Other times you may deliberately cut yourself off from the distractions of the internet, for example, when studying for an important exam or trying to focus on productivity for a few hours of research.

Either way, you can rest assured that the notes you take offline will carry over and be automatically added to your notes as soon as the connection is re-established.

How to work on your RemNote Notes offline

You have three different options for working on your notes offline.

Keep A Browser Window Open

If you are accustomed to working on your notes in a browser window, you can keep that window open when you go offline. RemNote will tell you that you are in offline mode, and you will be able to keep taking notes until you close the window.

If you close the tab/window or try to refresh it, however, you will be unable to continue working until you reconnect.

Work Offline from the Desktop or Mobile App

RemNote’s Mobile and Desktop Apps can be worked on offline. You will need a connection to download it and log in, of course, but once you do, you may edit your notes or even review your flashcards offline.

Just like with the web version, changes you make, including flashcard review progress, will be automatically synced once you return online, which could take a few minutes, depending on the volume of changes.

The desktop app can be downloaded from here for either Windows or Mac. You can find RemNote in the Android Play Store, and the iOS version is coming soon.

Limitations of Working Offline

Note that when working offline, RemNote’s internet-powered features won't work:

  • Images from URLs won't load (those uploaded from the device should).

  • Online, you can paste a URL and the name of the linked page will automatically be displayed. This won't work if you're not connected.

  • Links to webpages will not be able to open.

  • You cannot access community tools/tutorials.

All will be available once you return to your web connection.

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